Study on General English Textbook

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Study on General English Textbook

نویسندگان: فاطمه ضیائی، شهرام افراز
ناشر: انتشارات کتیبه نوین
قطع کتاب: وزیری
شابک: ۹۷۸-۶۰۰-۹۴۸۶۵-۳-۳
تعداد صفحه: ۸۱



Introduction:  The book in your hand is an effort to explore possibilities to provide for an enabling and flexible framework for promoting increased choices made possible by the schools and teachers. The present day classroom practices are totally dominated by the textbooks. As a result it has acquired an aura and a standard format. What is needed is not a single textbook but a package of teaching learning material that could be used to engage the child in active learning. The textbook thus becomes a part of this package and not the only teaching-learning material. One of the most important features of the present set of practices adopted for development of curricula, syllabi, and textbooks is that it is guided by the patterns and requirements of the examination system, rather than by a mix of criteria based on learning requirements, aims of education, and the socio-economic and cultural contexts of learners. In most cases, the term curriculum is used to mean very different things by different users and even by the same user in different contexts. It is usually referred to as the scheme of studies, where different subjects are seen in isolation and the subject-knowledge is embodied in the respective textbooks.

Keyword: Preliminaries, Understanding Textbooks, Checklist as an Evaluation Tool, Significance of Course book Evaluation, Textbook for Tertiary Level, Justification for Textbook Evaluation, Evaluation Scheme, Subjects, Activities and Tasks, Productive Skills: Speaking, Productive Skills: Writing, Language, Type and Content, Subject and Content, Evaluation Process, The Important Role of Textbooks in the EFL/ ESL Classroom, Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Textbooks, The Need for Textbook Evaluation, Textbook Evaluation as a Pedagogical Process, Applicable and Up-To-Date Suggestions

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