Developing Vocabulary Learning through CALL-based Games

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Developing Vocabulary Learning through CALL-based Games

نویسندگان: محمود نبی‌لو ، حلیمه محمد محمودی
ناشر: انتشارات کتیبه نوین
قطع کتاب: وزیری
شابک: ۹۷۸-۶۰۰-۸۲۰۵-۵۶-۲
تعداد صفحه: ۱۰۲



Introduction: The present book explored the effect of using CALL-based games on learning vocabulary items by Iranian English learners, and it investigated how playing CALL-based games can lead to a better learning and recall of vocabulary by Iranian students. Forty male pre-intermediate English learners participated in this book whom were placed in two groups on the basis of their scores on a placement test. Therefore, they were homogenized in terms of the general proficiency, and groups were assigned as one experimental group and one control group. The experimental group was instructed by the treatment of using CALL-based to teach English words while the control group received traditional method. The book data were obtained from the 40-item multiple choice tests as a pre-test, a post-test, and a delayed post-test. The results of t-test clearly showed that the learners in the experimental group performed better in post-test than the pre-test which implies that the treatment was effective in helping the language learners perform better on post-test. However, a statistically significant difference was found between the post-tests’ scores of the two groups. The mean of experimental group was greater compared to the control group. Moreover, the results of the repeated measures test showed that the experimental group did much better than the control group in the delayed post-test which was given to find out if the treatment was effective on recall of the vocabulary items too.

Keyword: Gaming and Education, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) , Three phases of CALL, Using Computer Games as a Good Example of CALL, Using CALL/Computer Games to Teach English, Using CALL/Computer Games to Teach Other Languages, Computer Games Are Good for Learning, Using CALL/CALL-Based Games to Teach English , Teaching Materials, Descriptive statistics of experimental group, Descriptive Statistics of Control Group, Testing the Normality of Data, Testing the Normality of Experimental Group,  significant effects on recalling vocabulary items. Notes for the Studies to Come, Application & Implication

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