ESP Content Instructors vs. EFL Teachers‟ Perception

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ESP Content Instructors vs. EFL Teachers‟ Perception

نویسنده: صلاح الدین رحیمی
ناشر: انتشارات کتیبه نوین
قطع کتاب: وزیری
شابک: ۹۷۸-۶۰۰-۸۲۰۵-۰۲-۹
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Introduction: English for specific purpose is an approach for language teaching in which all decisions regarding content and methods are based on the learners‟ motivation for learning (Hutchinson and Waters, 1987). It focuses on using English effectively in specific academic fields such as business, law, medicine, sciences, etc. Coffey (1984) divided ESP into various categories: (1) English for academic purposes (EAP), English for science and technology (EST) which is part of (EAP) and (2) English for occupational language. A significant aspect of language instruction on higher educational level is learning English for given specific purpose, with the specific aim of getting to know specialized vocabulary, increasing one‟s knowledge about the subject matter by reading in English, and being able to use the language in the prospective profession or study area by becoming prepared for some common situation such as carrying out higher level studies, going for an interview or conducting professional communication (Varnosfardani, 2009). The use of teaching English for specific purpose (ESP) has gradually become widespread because of a need to use English internationally. This trend of teaching, especially in ESP field is heavily based on learner‟s needs which can be seen in different aspects of ESP methodology, needs analysis, content orientation, and adoption of communication methodologies in the classroom.

Keyword: The origin of ESP, Development of ESP, Register analysis, Rhetorical or discourse analysis, Target situation analysis, Critique of Munby Model, Skills and Strategieslearning-Centered Approach, Current Issues in ESP Material, Role of ESP Teacher, Nature of ESP Teaching, Kind of knowledge required for ESP Teacher

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