Vellso (Upper-intermediate - Advanced)

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Vellso (Upper-intermediate – Advanced)

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Vellso (Upper-intermediate – Advanced)

تدوین و صاحب اثر در ایران: شرکت دانش آرتا نیکا مهر     Danesh Arta Nika Mehr
ناشر: کتیبه نوین
قطع کتاب: رحلی
شابک: 978-622-307-406-6
تعداد صفحه: 192

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Introduction: The Vellso User Assistant book series offers a printed version of select educational content from the Vellso English language teaching software to its audience.

This software is owned by the Dutch company, Holland Innovative Education and Technology. It has introduced a unique methodology for teaching English to language learners through the use of cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence. One of the primary objectives of this software is to facilitate accessible learning for individuals with diverse learning approaches. Consequently, to cater to those language learners who prefer a printed version in addition to the digital platform, a portion of the software’s content has been transcribed into book format. This adaptation further enhances their learning experience and accessibility.

We can confidently entitle Vellso as one of the most innovative educational software solutions, as it leverages front-line technology to deliver engaging and creative content in the field of education.

The Vellso book series comprises five volumes, each targeting a specific language proficiency level: volume 1 for Beginner, volume 2 for Elementary, volume 3 for Pre-intermediate, volume 4 for Intermediate, and volume 5 for Upper-intermediate to Advanced learners.

Vellso’s educational content is among the most innovative and creatively produced material for teaching English worldwide in recent years. Notably, the Vellso collection, with its practical and contemporary nature, also addresses environmental concerns. It focuses on green content, discussing topics such as environmental issues and healthy living.

Keyword: teaching English, English

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